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My Leather

Finding the perfect leather for godi. has been a journey that has stretched almost four years.

I explored a number of different types of leathers from Turkish lambskin to Italian calf skin. I also trialled Vegetable Tanned leather and Mixed Medium tanning processes. Nothing seemed to fit the ideal leather that I wanted for my godi. family - something that felt buttery soft and had everlasting durability.

Finally, I came across the perfect Full Grain leather in my hometown in India. This began my journey in tanning and dyeing my own leathers in a local tannery, with hides sourced from local independent farms. 

I am proud to say that I now dye my own leathers in house, in small quantities. Doing this allows me to have full control of every inch of my hides, whilst simultaneously exploring my own unique colour identity.


What is Full Grain Leather?

Full grain leather is the highest grade of leather, known for its luxurious quality.

This leather type is the most durable part of the hide, just under the hair surface. My leather is not corrected or buffed down, allowing many of the leathers natural characteristics to be seen. 

It is incredibly water-resistant due to the surface grains being tight and dense.

I would love for you to feel my leather pieces in person to see for yourself. Please see my upcoming events to find where you can visit my creations next.