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ethics & sustainability

● the leather ●
100% full grain cow leather is used in all my pieces. Unlike lower grade leathers, this leather maintains a lot of its original characteristics and durability.

This superior selection of leather will have some creases and small natural marks on the hide which adds to its character and quality. 

● ethics & sustainability ●
One of the foundations to me as a designer is the ethical responsibility to our environment and our future:

◍ local farms ◍
The leather I use is also a by-product of the meat industry sourced from local farms. It is never sourced from any tanneries that have unethical practices.

◍ water use ◍
The tannery I source from also purifies the water from the tanning process to reduce water wastage.

◍ no waste ◍
There is a zero waste policy within my workshop, where I use every part of the hide to create the products. I also up-cycle the samples to create new pieces.