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Welcome to Godi.

godi. is a contemporary, London based, leather goods brand with minimalism at its heart.

My journey with leatherwork began in 2014 where I was making bespoke pieces of satchel bags and wallets for a small group of clients. By early 2019, I wanted to share my vision of timeless and decluttered creations and launched godi(.) during my move to India with my family.

The product range has been slowly expanding from my first signature tote bag to a curated collection of backpacks and wallets.


Each creation is designed and sampled in London by myself. It is then hand-cut and made in my studio in East London and in South India where I spend my time to perfect each design. I maintain an element of minimal machine work and strive for immaculate craftsmanship in all my work.

My heart goes into each of my creations and I am so thankful you came to visit.

Nadim Saleh, Founder