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Care Instructions

Leather is a natural material with natural aging properties, much like our skin. We use Full Grain Cow Leather, which is the top tier of leather known for its durability and ability to age beautifully through it's lifetime.
We often offer a wide range of colours, some lighter than others. These can naturally develop marks and stains with use but do not worry!

To keep it clean, we recommend using a soft leather cleaner and lightly damp cloth to remove any surface stains. Leather cleaning wipes from your local store work perfectly. Rubbing in soft, circular motions can slowly buff out any stains. 

If your piece gets wet, gently wipe and leave to dry in a cool place away from heat. Please do not apply any direct heat.
Avoid any contact with alcohol based products (including sanitiser) as this can strip away the protective layer and change the colour of the leather. 
If in London, come visit us and we will be more than happy to clean it for you!