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Article: Sea Green - Colour of New Beginnings

Sea Green - Colour of New Beginnings

Sea Green - Colour of New Beginnings

Image of Someone Harvesting in South Asia


Do you ever feel tired of the same traditional colours with leather? with no intention behind the choice?

At godi. – the goal is to offer a wide range of self-invented colours in our all-handmade products. We don’t see leather in the conventional way where it is traditionally seen as a ‘masculine’ natural material – with a deeper, earthy sense of colour.

Our intention was to really understand the power of colour and how that affects us as individuals. Taking on from elements in Positive Psychology and ‘Wellness’ as a construct; we managed to add a touch of ‘femininity’ alongside a ‘sense of peace and calm’ to our colour story. Ultimately, the goal is to create a brand-new series of colours for you to explore.

Sea Green – a touch of youthfulness.

We developed this Sea Green in 2022 as an accident. The intention was to create a muted sage green but the outcome was one of the most beautiful shades of green we could have made.  A colour that radiates freshness and youthfulness.

We also connect Sea Green to nature, which adds a sense of serenity to the colour and balances out its energetic vibe. This tone is a beautiful balance between casual and fun and embellishes the most muted of outfits.

Adjustable Phone Bag in Sea Green


Back of Sea Green Phone Bag Showing Card Sleeve

The Adjustable Phone Bag is a small but complete-in-every-detail option for those who fancy an overall lightweight outfit. The interior has two layers where you can store most of the daily-used items like wallets, keys, earphones or phones. Another layer at the back of the bag also offers extra storage and is ideal for contactless payment cards.


Sea Green Coin and Card Wallet

Sea Green Coin Wallet is Open with Cards inside the Sleeves and Coins outside the coin pouch

Got change but nowhere to store them? This handy, slim and lightweight wallet has three sleeves and a coin pouch. It is specifically designed for those who always need space to store change in their wallet while having some essential cards as well. Its multi-functional coin pouch is not only the home to coins, but to cards, folded cash notes and receipts too. Extra cards can also be kept in the space behind the coin pouch. You may also find it easier to spot the wallet amid all other items in a bag with its sharp, bright Sea Green colour.


Selection of Green

If you are a ‘Green’ person, like us, you will find two new tones in our Capsule Collection. A joyous Apple Green and earthy Fern Green. If you are more of a classic – our most popular Dark Green may be the way to go!

Apple Green

Fern Green


Dark Green



Written by Sharon Kam


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